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Hello everyone,

The summer camp is coming up quickly as we look forward to seeing everyone there are a couple of items that need to be completed by every student attending the camp.

Here is the list of items that will need to be completed before the first day of camp:

  1. Physical must be done and turned in to the office to our Athletic Director Michelle Spencer.

  2. Go to and fully complete the online registration. (Remember

your login and password for future clearances…you will do this for every sport/activity

your child participa

tes in while they are a student at Marina)

1. Choose school year 2021/22 **Very important that the correct year is chosen**

2. Choose Marina (CIF/SS)

3. Choose the sport/activity your child will currently participate in

4. Fill out all information

5. Read all forms - online signatures on all forms are required by parent/guardian and


6. When you are done you will get a message that you have successfully completed the

registration. Read the consent page, choose additional sports your child will

play**, then pri

nt and sign. Your son/daughter will need to bring the signed hard

copy of this consent form to the ASB office when they come to take care of any

financial contributions for ASB, transportation and athletics/ trainer. This same

message will also be sent to your email as a reminder.

Please make sure your student brings a check made out to Marina Boys Soccer for the amount of $200.00.

We will meet at the Boys Soccer Bin which is located between the Baseball Field and Tennis Courts towards the back of the School.

We will see you Soon!


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