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Welcome To The Program Freshmen

I would like to thank everyone who attended the try-outs this past week. Coach Jose and I had a difficult time making our decision on who would make the program. We would like to congratulate and welcome the players who have made the program at this time.

The following players are in no particular order:

  1. Quinn Busher

  2. Quinn Hartman

  3. Ryan Spielman

  4. Shane Anderson

  5. Alec Monarrez

  6. Enrique Guerrero

  7. Joseph Ingrao

  8. Dominic Ortenzo

  9. Hunter McCranie

  10. Austin Barnett

  11. Gavin Keeler

  12. Keagan Luzadder

  13. Aden Schauerte

  14. Tyler Mccrory

  15. Aden Richey

  16. Miguel Herrera

  17. Fordy Chavez

  18. Gavin Briones

  19. Vancent Vu

  20. Caiden Rodriguez

  21. Braden Smith

  22. Peter Youssef

Training at this time will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-2p.m. Beginning on January 25, 2021 with Coach Jose Anaya.

Please contact him if you have any questions his cell number is 714-854-5948

For those players who did not make the team please do not get discouraged and focus on improving your technical skills along with tactical awareness and we look forward to seeing you at our try-outs next year.


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